A family owned business
Masonry Supplier Since 1951


We offer premium thin brick and thin stone options, providing high-quality materials tailored precisely to meet the quantity requirements of your projects. We specialize in delivering top-tier veneers that exude durability and elegance, ideal for various architectural and design applications. Whether you need a specific quantity for accent walls, facades, or interior design elements, our selection ensures versatility and sophistication. Our company always focuses on providing clients value for money. We supply thin brick and thin stone veneers that combine exceptional quality and aesthetics, allowing you to achieve stunning results in your construction or renovation endeavors.

  • Cultured stone
  • Fire brick
  • Full brick
  • Full stone
  • Thin brick
  • Thin stone
Natural VeneerManufactured Veneer
Can it be used structurally?In many but not all, instances yesNo, manufactured veneer can only carry its own weight
ThicknessUsually 0.75 – 1.75”Full-dimension is at least 2” thick; thin is less than 2”
ColorfastWill not fadeOften will fade over time and chipping can occur exposing manufacturing materials
Face sizeUp to ~ 18”~14” and larger
WeightAbout half the natural counterpart
InstallationEasier to cut and handle because it is porous and light-weight; predictable sizes
CostLower entry price point

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